About AgNext

AgNext brings the latest high impact digital agriculture solutions to the agriculture community, critical for stakeholders to improve quality, optimise costs and ensure food traceability using advanced technological innovations


Make digital agriculture accessible & affordable to the world’s agriculture community through various technology and process innovations


Introduce rapid quality estimations in agriculture and food value chains through various technologies using a mix of hardware, software, and analytics

Award Winning

Agriculture & Food Quality Platform

Revolutionising Quality

Using our unique Scan-it/Snap-it/Map-it Technology, on a SAAS platform, analyse your procurement quality using advanced technologies

Delivering Traceability

Integrate your farmers, FPOs, or simply your vendors. Audit Proof Transparent data and insights for better governance, traceability and quality management systems

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Integrating AgData

Our system ensures data across the platform, helping companies in various insights, including price-quality discovery mechanism, commodity trends, etc.

What Industry is Saying?

  • The success of the TRAgnext FLC machine will be a game changer for the Indian tea industry as it will further enhance the quality of the Indian tea and bring the big and small estates at par in terms of quality.

  • Food companies can improve the quality in value chain by bringing data sciences in procurement and technology like IoT in processing lines.

  • Quick, low cost and chemical free analysis has long been desired for sampling based food analysis.


"Kalaari believes that AgNext’s cost-effective and unique technology can offer tremendous savings to agribusinesses and affiliated growers both at pre- and post-harvest stages by improving quality and traceability across the agri-value chain," she said.

“AgNext’s comprehensive technology solutions will help multiple stakeholders in the AgriFood domain - including growers, supply chain participants, and food processing companies - to improve the transparency, quality, and overall profitability of their operations.”

"AgNext provides next generation technology enabled solutions in the most efficient manner across the agri-value chain."


Turmeric — The Golden Spice of India

India — the home of spices — has the largest market for spices globally. It produces ~75 out of the 109 varieties listed by the International Organization.

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Tea and AgNext : Turning a new leaf

The tea industry in India is nearly 180 years old now. It was in 1840 when the Assam Tea Company began the commercial production of tea in the region.

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Determining the Quality of Wheat

Wheat is one of the most important staple food that is consumed globally. It is widely cultivated in more than 30,000 varieties worldwide. Just like for every other food crop, quality plays a major role in wheat.

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