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Culture @ AgNext

Unparalleled passion for solving something larger for the human race, AgNext prides itself in creating a wonderful community between its employees, clients and farming community. AgNext providing the limitless potential to its employees to innovate and develop solutions on a much broader technology platform in the field of agriculture and food industry
An open environment consisting of PhDs, technology geeks, designers, marketers, strategists, venture capitalists and industry stalwarts, Agnext provides an amazing growth opportunity for its team members through a much revered creative atmosphere to unleash innovations. Further, commitment and a near-fanatic resolve for “customer-first” approach, AgNext provides a great environment to its members to work with the largest industry ever, which is hungry for new ideas and innovations
AgNext not only provides health insurance but also provides emergency financial support for employees during times of need. The family fund helps team members in paying for temporary requirements in times of need. We are also committed to an environment of “Health-First” approach for our employees,conducting regular yoga, sports and outdoor trek sessions.
AgNext is committed to building a robust culture of learning, which it believes helps it to create a distinct hallmark in the agribusiness industry that consistently innovates and produces the best business results. AgNext invests in team interactions with the scholarly and industry stalwarts to discuss ideas and innovate. Further, AgNext doesn’t merely just provide formal training but cultivates a system that creates continuous opportunities for learning coaching programs at IITs/IIMs, support tools and online learning programs that can be requested anytime by the employees

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