Every year, billions worth of agricultural trade, storage and consumption happens without assessing quality

Our product disrupts,
to save that value


Award Winning

Agriculture & Food Quality Platform

How can we help you?

Assess and Manage
Post-Harvest Procurement

  • Better price realisation for buyers and producers
  • Uniform quality standards of agricultural products
  • Create trust, transparency and traceability
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Monitor and Control
your Inventory

  • Full stack data platform for warehouse, silos etc.
  • Assess and monitor quality of produce at a click of button
  • Reduce transaction risk for buyers
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Buy and Produce the
Best in Quality

  • Automated quality auditing as per certification agencies
  • Maximise your profits by minimising loss due to quality using AI
  • Deliver the best quality to your clients
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We’re revolutionisingRapid quality using advanced technologies, for you

AI based
Image Analytics

We are using Artificial Intelligence based image processing algorithms to do physical tests and replace what human eyes have been doing for centuries.

AI based
Spectral Analytics

We are using Artificial Intelligence based spectral analytics to do instant chemical tests and replace what labs have been doing for decades

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AI based
Sensor Analytics

We are using Artificial Intelligence based Internet of Things sensors to build data insights and replace quality driven processes which were totally intuitional

We’re deliveringFood Traceability, for you

Quality maps

We provide maps outlining quality of each farmer and farm, by commodity, outlining regional quality of each commodity

Procurement function

We integrate quality data of each procured lot, helping clients to provide traceability solution to their end consumers

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Delight for Clients

Our data, collected through various technologies, enable clients to procure better, each season

We’re integratingArtificial Intelligence and data seamlessly, for you

Data Sciences

Our each solution is backed by advanced data science algorithms, allowing us to improve our solutions, on-the-go

Systems Integration

We integrate with your current IT systems (SAP, Oracle, Microsoft etc) and Quality Management systems (HACCP, FMEA, TQM etc) seamlessly

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Data Visualisations

We use state-of-the-art data visualisation tools such as Tableau and PowerBI, to provide insights and enhance user experience

A lot more quality, traceability & data initiatives are brewing up in theLabs

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