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AI-based Spectral Analytics - A lab at hand

An easy to use, portable, bluetooth-enabled spectroscope that helps in spectral analysis of lots of Agri-commodities during procurement
The devices work seamlessly with AgNext’s mobile application, at the first touch point of the farmers/sellers and procurement centers, to instantly associate quality with each lot, from each farmer

• Instant chemical quality assessment of each incoming lot

• Farmer-wise data for quality of produce

• Quality derived prices for each farmer

• Regional quality maps for each commodity

Moisture, Protein and Gluten
Moisture and Protein
Oil Content and Moisture
Curcumin content
Capsaicin content
% proportion of active components such as
Polyphenol content
Composition and adulteration testing

AI-based Image Analytics - A rapid physical assessment

An on-premise embedded solution for instant physical quality assessment of Agri-commodities, using a camera
The solution uses AI-driven image processing algorithms, to classify each entity in a given sample, in order to determine the grade of the lot or to calculate % proportion of defective/damaged entities in the lot

• Instant physical quality assessment of produce

• >99% accuracy, beating naked eye grading/assessment solutions?

• Increase in transparency due to removal of subjectivity in assessment

• Regional quality maps for each commodity

% proportion of damaged grains such as broken, weevilled, shrivelled, etc.
% proportion of broken, chalky grains along with detection of breath and length of grains
% proportion of damaged grains such as broken, weevilled, shrivelled, etc.
Data on size and colour of chilli
Calculation of fine leaf count for grading of the lot

AI-based Sensor Analytics -An advanced process monitoring

Compact, portable and wireless sensor solutions that increase visibility on quality-defining processes, across industries
System utilises advanced sensor technologies, powered with wireless communications that provide visibility across various processes, involved in processing/curing/to manufacturing across industries

• ~99% accurate monitoring through STQC calibrated sensors

• Real-time alerts for defines control parameters

• Analytics on data collected throughout implementation for better visibility

Curing monitoring solutions
Food and Catering
Constant monitoring across processing units
Temperature and humidity monitoring across agri-commodity storage locations

TraceabilityThe science of where

AgNext’s suite of technologies works in tandem to provide end-to-end traceability solutions for procurement agencies, traders, stores and consumers

  • Detailed quality maps, outlining quality-by-farmer and quality-by-region, enabling companies to plan procurement across geographies, effectively
  • Results from storage and post harvest-quality monitoring solutions enable companies to visualise instances/malpractices leading to loss in quality
  • Visibility on region-wise procurement data enable processing companies to include the origin information on products, hence increasing consumer trust

Integrated DataThe backbone of our solutions

Our solutions are backed by huge sets of data and we are continuously gathering further data sets to become better than the best

  • Our self-learning AI models refines their accuracy as client’s use the solution
  • Our solutions integrate with client’s current IT solutions (SAP, Oracle,Microsoft, etc.) and quality management systems (HACCP, FMEA,TQM, etc.) seamlessly
  • Advanced data reporting via our proprietary dashboards give complete visibility and insights on the client’s data

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